New Research Being Done to Uncover Organic Pesticides

Organic Pesticides
Organic Pesticides

No one appreciates unwelcome guests in the garden or in the business, however, many property managers would prefer a safer alternative to conventional pesticides when dealing with insects or other pests. Luckily new research has discovered an organic pesticide that is safe to use, all natural and completely effective.

New breakthroughs in pesticide development from names like DuPont, Bayer and Monsanto may soon yield fascinating results. Bacteria and forms of fungi may soon replace synthetic fertilizer altogether to protect crops without causing environmental damage. Consumers and regulatory groups have continued to show concern over the years for how pesticides can negatively impact wildlife. The solutions being worked on right now may change the way people look at pesticides forever.

Although no concrete organic fertilizer has been developed as of yet, many are expecting research to produce results quite soon. In fact, the world’s top fertilizer developers are currently competing with one another to get a head start on what is sure to be a booming industry.

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The Squirrel Experts

The Squirrel Experts
The Squirrel Experts

Squirrels may appear to be simple creatures living a rather uneventful existence. However, they are highly active animals that can create a massive amount of destruction in a short matter of time. From overrunning bird-feeders to causing major power outages, these tenacious rodents are a pest to be taken seriously.

Squirrels in your attic

Hundreds, possibly thousands, of homes are destroyed each year by fires caused by squirrels chewing through electrical wires in the attics. The gray squirrels typically find their way inside homes from September to May. As many as ten male squirrels may occupy a single attic. They will huddle together for warmth during the winter and will destroy anything they can sink their teeth into. Because their teeth continue growing throughout their entire lives, they are constantly chewing to keep them trimmed. If they are in your attic, they are destroying your home.

Other damage

To get inside, squirrels will chew through fascia boards, gable vents, ridge vents, and even shingles. Many homeowners don’t realize the damage is done until rain causes noticeable water damage. In addition to soiling drywall and insulation by urinating and defecating, squirrels will rip apart insulation to build their nest, leaving it useless for deterring heat loss.

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Five Fun Facts About Squirrels

Squirrel Control
Squirrel Control

How much does the average person really know about squirrels? There’s so much more to these rodents than they look cute, like to climb trees, and eat nuts. Here’s five facts via Find Fast that you may not know about squirrels.

  • Despite being a rodent, squirrels are actually really clean. This is due to the fact that they take a long time grooming themselves. Just because they are clean, doesn’t mean you want them around.
  • They are often called pests. This is due to squirrels causing extensive damage to homes, buildings, and trees. One way they cause damage is by chewing on electrical wires to sharpen their teeth. If you find an infestation of squirrels in your house, call a professional pest control service, like us at Stern Environmental Group.
  • Their tails are very important. They use it to communicate, and it provides balance. It also acts like a parachute.
  • They don’t just eat nuts. Some species eat sap, plants, seeds, bark, insects, and small animals. Some include caterpillars, snakes, and baby birds.

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Bed Bugs Plague Senior Housing Complex

Women Wearing Colorful Bathing Caps
Senior Facility is Suffering with Bed Bugs.

Desert Hot Springs in Southern California is a fast-growing community thanks to stunning mountain views and natural mineral water spas. These attractions are also appealing to bed bugs, as a local senior citizen community recently discovered.

Tenants of Linda Vista Senior Residences have been plagued with the pests since last August. Property manager Brenda Ruiz first discovered bed bugs when examining a discarded mattress for fleas. Exterminators have since sprayed the 48 studio apartments several times, but at least three units continue to have problems.

Vincent Sellechia, son-in-law of a Linda Vista resident, took the cause to a city council meeting on October 21. He also turned to the city’s Public Safety Commission, reporting that some tenants were actually disposing of their mattresses and sleeping on the floor.

Living on a fixed income leaves residents with few options, adding to their growing frustration. The management company has also provided them with bags and offered to launder their clothing as a further measure to eliminate the insects.

Bed bugs are tiny enough to hide in the smallest crevices, making them difficult to remove. Our Cryonite® treatment is a safe, effective and environmentally friendly method of eliminating every trace of these pests. Visit our website for more information on our residential and commercial services.

Black Squirrels Stand Out From The Crowd of Gray

Squirrel Control
Squirrel Control

Squirrels are adorable creatures, but they can also end up being unwelcome guests in your home this winter. While these cute creatures are busy collecting nuts and digging up your garden in the spring or summer, winter is a time for squirrels to find a warm place to wait out the season. Often times, that warm place can end up being your attic space.

Although squirrels tend to have a brown or grey color to them, some grey haired squirrels can have black fur, making them something of a novelty to see. Black squirrels can also be identified by having a white face and white fur in the tip of their ears or tail. Black squirrels tend to only be found in some areas of the United States but are just as likely to find their way into your home this winter.

Many homeowners would prefer to have their homes to themselves but don’t want to harm such innocent animals. The best pest control services should offer humane methods for trapping and removing squirrels from your home.

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