Keeping Pests Out of Your Business Requires Vigilance

Keep Pests Out
Keep Pests Out

After a long day, you are ready to take a break from the stresses of work and enjoy time with your family. That doesn’t meant that all activity at your business location halts. Many rodents and insects are just starting to bustle about. Be proactive about preventing an infestation and eliminating pest in your place of business.

1. Keep your trash in dumpsters that have lids and are at least 15 feet away from your building. Power wash the dumpsters frequently.

2. Eliminate standing water from gutters, plumbing leaks, and any area that would quench the thirst of pest.

3. Mulch is an attractive ground cover, but also a great hiding spot for pest like termites. Wood mulch should be a foot or more from your foundation and landscaping pebbles may be a better choice.

4. Floors should be cleaned of crumbs and grease buildup daily.

5. Any food in you business should be stored in airtight containers with metal lids.

6. Schedule regular inspections and treatment services with expert pest control professionals.

Many insects and pest are becoming resistant and immune to traditional baits and pesticides that you buy at the local big box store. Stern Environmental Group has been providing commercial pest control services in New York, New Jersey, and parts of Connecticut for more than 17 years. Contact us for the latest and most effective pest control options available.