Winter Means Squirrels All Season Long

Winter Means Squirrels
Winter Means Squirrels

My apologies to the Game of Thrones fans among you, but it is not that complicated to realize that winter is starting to rear its frosty head – even the squirrels outside my doorstep understand the coming situation. Even more, these little critters understand all too well that they need to prepare for the coming season.

To this end, they start looking for warmer quarters where they can stockpile a little food and otherwise overwinter throught the worst that Mother nature can deliever. Unfortunately, for homeowners in New Jersey and other northern states, this often means a stay inside a suburban home.

While squirrels may look all cute and cuddly, they are an untamed animal that will fiercely protect their home from any intruders – even those like you with the best intentions. In addition, they bring a decidedly “wild” odor with them that doe not really make for a festive holiday season. In short, it is best to proactively protect your home against a squirrel intrusion and to get professional pest control help if you find that they have already taken up residence in your home.

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