Bed Bugs Plague Senior Housing Complex

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Senior Facility is Suffering with Bed Bugs.

Desert Hot Springs in Southern California is a fast-growing community thanks to stunning mountain views and natural mineral water spas. These attractions are also appealing to bed bugs, as a local senior citizen community recently discovered.

Tenants of Linda Vista Senior Residences have been plagued with the pests since last August. Property manager Brenda Ruiz first discovered bed bugs when examining a discarded mattress for fleas. Exterminators have since sprayed the 48 studio apartments several times, but at least three units continue to have problems.

Vincent Sellechia, son-in-law of a Linda Vista resident, took the cause to a city council meeting on October 21. He also turned to the city’s Public Safety Commission, reporting that some tenants were actually disposing of their mattresses and sleeping on the floor.

Living on a fixed income leaves residents with few options, adding to their growing frustration. The management company has also provided them with bags and offered to launder their clothing as a further measure to eliminate the insects.

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