NYC Mayor Banned From Holding Groundhog at Groundhog’s Day Celebration

Groundhog close-up
Don’t Let Groundhogs Spoil Your Day Today

Groundhog Day is a pretty big deal in most parts of the United States. Whether you’re superstitious or not, it’s always fun to find out if the famed local groundhog is going to predict another six weeks of winter. If you’re lucky, the groundhog won’t see his shadow, and you can begin looking forward to spring approaching a little more quickly. 

Last year, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio took part in a ceremony on February 2 at the Staten Island Zoo. As a part of the ceremony, he held Charlotte, who was dubbed as “Chuck” for the occasion. While he was holding her, she wriggled free and slipped out of his grasp. She fell to the ground and later died from internal injuries. 

This year, the zoo has decided to do things a little bit differently, which is perfectly fine with the Mayor. Instead of holding the groundhog, the rodent will be on display in a plexiglass case. Mayor de Blasio is happy about the new arrangement; especially since other New York City Mayors have been bitten in the past. 

Groundhog Day is a lot of fun, but having groundhogs tearing up your yard sure isn’t! Some of them carry rabies, and that can be a big problem for that spring garden you’re so proud of. Regardless of when spring finally arrives, if you have a groundhog problems, please contact us right away.


Insect Trivia – We Bet You Didn’t Know These

Insect Facts
Insect Facts

Some of these bits of insect trivia will surprise you. Some will probably make you squeamish. There are a few that may make you reluctant to crawl into bed. But they may come in handy if you are ever a contestant on Jeopardy. So check out these interesting and somewhat disturbing insect facts. Then give the experts at Stern Environmental Group a call so you can rest easy.

1. Ants are highly organized, constantly busy, and very sociable. They live in colonies with as many as 500,000 ants.

2. Mosquitoes are responsible for more human deaths than any other insect or animal. They carry malaria, dengue fever, West Nile virus, and yellow fever.

3. Bedbugs can survive for an entire year without food. What food do they wait to get? You

4. Honeybees kill more people than all poisonous snakes combined.

5. Mammals have red blood, lobsters have blue blood, and insects have yellow blood.

6. A cockroach is able to live for a week after being decapitated.

7. The average bed is home to about 6 billion dust mites.

With more than 17 years of experience providing commercial pest control services in New Jersey, New York, and some parts of Connecticut, the experts at Stern Environmental Group have the knowledge and experience needed to protect you and your business. Contact us today to discuss which pest control option is right for your location.

Colleges and Bed Bugs: Not a Fun Part of Education

Bed Bugs At Colleges
Bed Bugs At Colleges

Parents of college students have more than just grades and partying to worry about! Unfortunately, the dorm environment is a perfect storm for bed bug infestations.

Even the finest universities face bed bug problems:

  • Like hotels, dorm rooms are filled with people and fabric.
  • Students come from all over the country and globe, increasing the odds of exposure.
  • Cramped spaces and dorm room socializing make it even more likely to spread bed bugs.

Make sure you and your kid know how to spot dorm bed bugs:

  • Look for bugs (dead or alive) as well as blood or fecal stains.
  • Check baseboards and under beds for exoskeletons or molting.
  • Check mattress seams for holes and signs of bed bug activity. Don’t assume plastic-coated mattresses are safe.

If a bed bug scare hits your child’s university, be prepared to protect your home:

  • Have your student change clothes upon arrival at home.
  • Unpack clothes directly into the washing machine. Wash and dry on hottest settings.
  • Items that can’t be machine-washed should be sealed in bags and frozen for 2 weeks, or heated to 120 degrees for 2 hours.
  • Still see signs? Call Stern Environmental immediately for pest control.

Talk to the school about their bed bug protocol so you can all be safely prepared. And have your own plan to contact Stern Environmental if your child brings home bed bugs!

Bed Bugs Over the Centuries

Bed Bugs
Bed Bugs

Throughout recorded history, bed bugs have plagued mankind. The worst epidemics have come in the last hundred years, though, with these biting pests only now hitting their peak.

Some perspective on the history of bed bugs:

1500 BC: The oldest known fossils of bed bugs existed at this time.

386 BC: Ancient Greek plays by Aristophanes first mention bed bugs in writing.

77 AD: Roman philosopher Pliny writes about using bed bugs for medicinal purposes, similar to leeching.

600 AD: Bed bugs spread to China. However, they are not yet common throughout all of Europe.

1600: England gets bed bugs. Pilgrims immediately bring them to the Americas.

1900: Virtually every US home sees bed bugs at some point, and about one third of households endure an infestation.

1950: The phrase “don’t let the bed bugs bite” gets added to the expression, “good night, sleep tight.”

1950s: People discover that the powerful insecticide DDT works wonders for killing bed bugs. Unfortunately, it turned out DDT is too dangerous to be an effective solution.

1995: Bed bugs begin making a resurgence, with hotel infestations becoming common.

2010: Epidemics hit New York City and other metropolitan areas, kicking off a new era of widespread infestations.

Don’t become another statistic in the history of bed bugs! Talk to Stern Environmental about safe, advanced bed bug extermination methods.

Infested Customer Shuts Down Trenton, NJ Welfare Waiting Room

Bed Bug Infestations
Bed Bug Infestations

Bed bugs and fleas can turn any home or business into a complete nightmare. It doesn’t take long for a few bed bugs to turn into an infestation, and that’s exactly what happened recently in a welfare waiting room in Trenton, New Jersey. A client came into the office carrying bedbugs and forced the shut down and treatment of the waiting room.

Although the issue was contained rather quickly, the office did have close its doors for concern of public health. Unfortunately this is not an isolated event. Individuals carrying bedbugs can easily spread these pests from one location to another in a very short span of time. If customers were to visit an infested business and bring these critters home, it’s only a matter of time before a few bugs multiply into hundreds.

If you’re seeking bed bug pest control for your home or business, contact Stern Environmental Group today to receive expert assistance. If you’re battling bed bugs, Stern Environmental can eradicate these pests using Cryonite®, a non-poisonous treatment consisting of liquid C02. Successfully used for years in Australia and Europe, this bed bug extermination approach has proven to be extremely effective.

For years Stern Environmental Group has provided customers with outstanding service throughout the greater New York City area, including New Jersey and Long Island. Don’t let an infestation turn your home or business into a breeding ground for pests. Call a member of our friendly staff today and get the problem solved immediately.