Five Fun Facts About Bed Bugs

Fun Facts About Bed Bugs
Fun Facts About Bed Bugs

Whether you’re currently dealing with a bed bug infestation, or you’re hoping you never have to, it pays to know a thing or two about these pests. Here are a few fun facts about bed bugs that you may not have known before.

Fact #1: A bed bug’s eating habits are flexible – Baby bed bugs, or nymphs, need to feed to grow to their next stage. However, bed bugs are pretty flexible as far as when they eat next. They can go long periods of time without a meal, which helps them survive when you move out.

Fact #2: Bed bugs have evolved for survival – These pests are well aware of their need for survival, which is why they’ve adapted to make sure they live on. Their mating rituals are one example, and even though they are physically able to mate in a conventional way, the males will pierce the abdomens of the females instead.

Fact #3: Bed bugs leave clues behind – As many as 50% of people who are bitten by bed bugs don’t realize it, but these bugs usually defecate while feeding or right after, so if you suspect an infestation, bloods stains are a clue.

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