NYC Mayor Banned From Holding Groundhog at Groundhog’s Day Celebration

Groundhog close-up
Don’t Let Groundhogs Spoil Your Day Today

Groundhog Day is a pretty big deal in most parts of the United States. Whether you’re superstitious or not, it’s always fun to find out if the famed local groundhog is going to predict another six weeks of winter. If you’re lucky, the groundhog won’t see his shadow, and you can begin looking forward to spring approaching a little more quickly. 

Last year, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio took part in a ceremony on February 2 at the Staten Island Zoo. As a part of the ceremony, he held Charlotte, who was dubbed as “Chuck” for the occasion. While he was holding her, she wriggled free and slipped out of his grasp. She fell to the ground and later died from internal injuries. 

This year, the zoo has decided to do things a little bit differently, which is perfectly fine with the Mayor. Instead of holding the groundhog, the rodent will be on display in a plexiglass case. Mayor de Blasio is happy about the new arrangement; especially since other New York City Mayors have been bitten in the past. 

Groundhog Day is a lot of fun, but having groundhogs tearing up your yard sure isn’t! Some of them carry rabies, and that can be a big problem for that spring garden you’re so proud of. Regardless of when spring finally arrives, if you have a groundhog problems, please contact us right away.