The Truth About Squirrels

Squirrels? Boring?
Squirrels? Boring?

Are squirrels boring? They are definitely common and simple little creatures. However, squirrels also have their fair share of strange habits and incredible history. Did you know all of these interesting facts about squirrels?

World travelers! Squirrels call 5 continents their native home. Only Australia and Antarctica do not have native squirrel species.

Ancient civilizations! Squirrel fossils have been found from at least 35 million years ago. The earliest breeds were like the flying squirrels found today.

Weird cousins! The greater squirrel family includes species that are smaller, larger, toothier, and wilder than gray squirrels. Groundhogs and marmots are close cousins.

Long in the tooth! Ever notice how squirrels are always chewing? That’s partly because they must file down their incisors — which keep growing their entire lives.

What goes down… Squirrels are physically incapable of vomiting. They must be careful to spit out whatever they cannot digest.

Sweaty feet. Squirrels sweat through glands on their feet. Hence you may notice little squirrel paw prints on the sidewalk when it’s hot.

So, now you’re a squirrel expert! You still might need help taking care of a squirrel infestation. We offer humane squirrel trapping and 24-hour emergency service. If squirrels take over your attic, you’ll appreciate fast, safe removal so you can get your peace of mind back!

Make the call to Stern Environmental squirrel control services and get effective treatment and recommendations for protecting your property.

What Hoteliers Need to Know About Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Truths
Bed Bug Truths

Consumer concerns and rising numbers of bed bug infestations create a perfect storm of anxiety for hotel and motel operators. Here’s what everyone in the hospitality industry should know about bed bugs:

Local media loves to report on bed bugs: Television news and newspapers seem to report on bed bugs whenever it’s a slow news day. When the news goes online, people share the story on social media with friends and relatives.

Customers are worried: Bed bug problems have left customers worried about hotel stays. With plenty of hotels to choose from, why risk booking a room at a brand linked to bed bugs?

Juries have awarded MILLIONS in bed bug lawsuits: Bed bugs can happen anywhere, but that doesn’t excuse a hotelier for failing to treat a known infestation. Lawsuits often result in huge awards to victims who were bitten and scarred at hotels and motels.

Take action to avoid bad publicity: Hotels should promptly investigate bed bug claims and call for bed bug extermination immediately. If someone posts about bed bugs on Yelp or TripAdvisor, management should publicly respond to the claim to assure customers.

Advanced bed bug control methods are available: Our modern bed bug control includes high-tech, non-toxic methods to eradicate bed bugs safely and quickly.

Unfortunately, bed bugs are naturally drawn to hotels. When you hear a whisper, contact Stern Environmental for fast, effective and discreet hotel bed bug extermination.

Five Things You Never Knew About Groundhogs

Don’t Fight My Pets

Groundhogs do plenty more than just predict the weather. They also destroy gardens, fight with pets, and may even spread disease. They’re cute, but there’s plenty to know about groundhogs:

Groundhogs are diurnal. Unlike opossums and other large rodents who are nocturnal, groundhogs sleep at night and conduct business during the day.

Groundhogs have winter homes. From October to March, groundhogs enter deep hibernation. They even make a special burrow just for the winter! Other small mammals bulk up and become less active during the winter — but groundhogs truly disappear underground.

At home in the trees! They’re called groundhogs for good reason, but they also climb trees exceptionally well. They typically only climb when looking for fruits and nuts to eat.

They outsmart many repellents. Tricks like leaving dog hair around the garden can scare away other garden-eating pests. Groundhogs are smarter than most people realize and quickly figure out any simple deterrents like that.

Groundhogs often bring predator animals to the neighborhood. Foxes, bobcats, and other predators usually know to stay away from humans and their property. However, they might be tempted to come onto your property if they sense wild prey like groundhogs.

Home gardeners and businesses with landscaping know that groundhogs are more destructive than most people realize. Call Stern Environmental for professional rodent control and we can safely trap and remove groundhogs off your property while helping prevent future damage.

Can Bed Bug Traps Be Used to Solve an Infestation Problem?

Can Bed Bug Traps Be The Answer?
Can Bed Bug Traps Be The Answer?

The new technology of bedbug attracting pheromone traps is making headlines these days. But could these new traps really work to solve your infestation problems?

The theory
Bedbugs communicate using special chemicals called pheromones. Certain pheromones – called aggregate pheromones – send a signal to bugs after they’ve finished feeding to return to a certain spot for refuge.

Pheromone cocktail
Replicating aggregation pheromones produced by bedbugs, a special, six chemical blend has been synthesized which both attracts bedbugs – and compels them to stay put. The synthetic chemical blend in the trap is being marketed for those experiencing light to moderate bedbug infestations. Attracted to the traps, bedbugs can be isolated, killed, and discarded.

Could this really be an end to your bedbugs?
Yes and no. Though the trap is highly effective, it only takes a single female to begin an infestation, so unless you capture every last bug in the building, you could be hitting the “instant replay” button.

A great weapon in the bedbug arsenal
The new traps are expected to be a great tool in the fight against bedbug infestation, however due to the pervasive nature of the pests, they will not be a once and done, one-size-fits all solution. You should expect to employ multiple methods to ensure effective eradication.

Ready to see the all-clear signal in the fight against bedbugs? End the battle now. Contact Stern today.

Will You Get a Welt or Not from a Bedbug Bite?

Will I Get The Moarks?
Will I Get The Moarks?

Good night, sleep tight, and keep an eye out for bedbug bites. Keeping a vigilant eye out for the creepy critters and their bites could really help you curtail a severe infestation.

Did you let the bedbugs bite?

  • Allergic reactions
    Allergic reactions to bedbug bites such as asthma, widespread hives, and anaphylaxis are quite rare, however general allergic hives surrounding bites are not unusual.
  • Rashy reactions
    A range of skin reactions are possible with bedbug bites, which may worsen thanks to sensitization resulting from repeated exposure. Rashy reactions to bedbug bites run the gamut, from flat red spots and small red bumps that itch, to itchy hive-like wheals surrounding punctures, and even blister-like rashes that may evolve to hard bumps.
  • No reaction
    By far the most common reaction to a bedbug bite is – you guessed it – nothing. Simply a tiny, barely visible hole at the location of the bites.

Bedbugs bites have you scratching?
Giving in to the urge to itch is not in your best interest, as indulging in scratching could leave you with secondary skin infections and scars.

As not everyone gets a reaction to bedbug bites, sometimes it can be difficult to know just how bad an infestation is. When you start to see blood drops on your mattress and sheets as well as exoskeleton sheds, it is way past time to treat your problem.

Tired of worrying about becoming an all-you-can-eat bedbug buffet? Contact Stern today.