NYC Rats Love to Eat Out Where You Do Too

Eating Out With Rats
Eating Out With Rats

Was the previous patron at your favorite diner bearing whiskers, fur, and a tail? It’s no surprise that rats are a problem in New York, however it may be surprising to residents that the revolting rodents were found dining at over 900 NYC restaurants in 2014.

A distinguished palette…
What restaurants are the rodents frequenting? A recent study finds rats are often found at American, Chinese, and Japanese themed eateries. Difficult to control due to the formation of colonies or territories, multiple colonies often favorite a single establishment.

Regular clientele
Marking their way through your favorite establishments and leaving behind their own special “tips” in the form of disease-carrying urine and feces, health department inspections showed the pesky patrons quite common, issuing over 1,100 rat-related citations in city restaurants, some of which received citations for both rats and mice.

Takeout takedown
Common in areas where businesses throw garbage to the curb, offending restaurants are typically closed by the health department until rat control issues are addressed, which officials say could be prevented by simply sealing holes and cracks, properly storing food and waste, and using licensed exterminators.

Creepy competition?
If you find the incidence of rats in your favorite NYC eateries disturbing, you probably won’t be too enthused to know rat-related citations are a drop in the bucket compared to those of mice and roaches.

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