NYC Businesses Are Still Plagued by Rats – What Can You Do?

Rats Invading Businesses

Rats have been a major problem in the NYC area for decades. The good news is that a Columbia University student recently calculated that the city has roughly two million of these rodents, which is six million less than previously thought. The bad news is that despite these lower numbers, there are still plenty of them around. In fact, some have been taking over certain properties, including an apartment building in Harlem.

Rat City

The Harlem building is often called “rat city” due to the large numbers of rats that are seen in and around it. The rats gather around garbage bags and have lost any fear of people, making them even more difficult to scare off or get rid of. This problem has residents worried about their safety, since rat scratches and bites can spread infections. The droppings they leave behind can also cause serious health problems.

Getting Rid of Rats

Rats can be tough to get rid of, and they multiply quickly. Business owners with rat infestations should hire NYC rat control experts to remove these pests as soon as possible and keep employees, clients and customers safe. Pest control professionals can effectively eliminate rats quickly and reduce the risk of additional problems.

If your business is in need of NYC rat control, contact Stern Environmental. Our pest control experts will handle your rat problem and take steps to prevent more from coming to stay in your property.