Top Trending Pests for 2015 from the Experts

Trendy Pests
Trendy Pests

As pest control experts, part of our job is to help you anticipate infestations before they happen. New and unexpected species of insects and wildlife might show up and invade your property at any moment.

In addition to the usual suspects, be on the lookout for these bugs and vermin in 2015:

Bed Bugs: Spreading to new kinds of places, bed bugs are becoming a less predictable pest. Hotels and motels aren’t the only source of bed bugs. Stores, restaurants, and healthcare facilities may all become bed bug hot spots, so businesses need to watch out.

Stink Bugs: New York and New Jersey have seen a proliferation of the brown stink bug in recent years. They used to be a problem for farmers, but now they’re a general nuisance for everyone.

Invasive Ants: In addition to the black ants and carpenter ants that have long plagued the Tri-State area, new species are spreading in the area. Pharaoh ants, Argentine ants, and Asian needle ants are some of the non-native ants bothering local businesses.

Roof Rats: These black, long-tailed rats are also called ship rats, and they’ve come to New York and New Jersey ports by boat. Roof rats are great at invading your walls and ceilings.

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