Dogs Make Simple Work of NJ and NYC Bedbug Detection

Dog's Find Bed Bugs Easy
Dog’s Find Bed Bugs Easy

For years, dogs have been successfully employed by police and other law enforcement personnel to sniff out drugs and track down lawbreakers on the run. Now they’re fighting another type of threat in NJ and NYC as K-9 patrol in the battle against the resurgence of bed bugs.

Dogs have perhaps the most finely tuned sense of smell found in nature. Their seven square meters of nasal membranes hold 200 to 250 million scent receptors. Compare that to the nasal membranes of humans that cover half a meter and contain a paltry five million receptors. A dog can sniff out things that can’t be detected by even the most sensitive scientific equipment.

Another benefit of doggy patrols is their consistent level of service. Dogs will happily work for incentives as simple as treats or even just the love and approval of their humans.

A bed-bug-seeking dog works quickly and efficiently, scoping out a room and locating infestations in two to three minutes. Human technicians must rely on visual evidence, which can make a thorough inspection more time-consuming. Once a dog has detected an infestation, the job is turned over to professionals for extermination procedures.

Our skilled technicians are another valuable weapon in the war on bed bugs and any other household pests found in the NJ and NYC areas. Visit our website to learn more about our extermination services and pest control programs.

Canada Cautions Residents On Buying Bedbug Treatments on the Internet

Canada Warns Against DYI Bed Bug Treatment
Canada Warns Against DYI Bed Bug Treatment

Canadian health officials are urging people to avoid unregulated and possibly illegal bedbug chemicals available for purchase online. This follows a recent tragedy in Alberta, when a mother used dangerous phosphine pesticides which resulted killed her infant daughter and sickened the family.

Phosphine can kill bedbugs, but it also poses an unnecessary and lethal risk to humans and pets. Websites from around the world have been selling the unapproved pesticides to residents of Canada and possibly the U.S. as well.

Health Canada has stated that people with bedbug problems should always consult licensed pest control providers to ensure safe and effective bedbug treatments.

Which bedbug treatments can you safely purchase online?

Many bedbug control products can be purchased online safely and legally, including:

  • bedbug mattress liners
  • enzyme laundry treatments
  • other non-toxic treatments and supplies

Under no circumstances should you take the serious risk of purchasing bedbug treatment chemicals that are not approved for use in the U.S. or require application by a licensed exterminator.

Phosphine pesticides are particularly dangerous. Humans experience coughing and irritation around the chemical, and many people experience serious or fatal consequences.

If you’ve spotted bedbugs, don’t be tempted to buy harsh chemicals online, especially from foreign countries. Let Stern Environmental provide effective bedbug treatments that are safe for you and your family.

NYC Businesses: Why Pay for Regular Pest Treatments?

Regular Pest Control Can Save You Money
Regular Pest Control Can Save You Money

Pest control services aren’t just for dealing with a current bug or rodent problem. You can also use preventive services to reduce your company’s risk of having a pest infestation.

Routine Pest Control

At Stern, we offer Integrated Pest Management programs that focus on ensuring that commercial properties stay free of bed bugs and other insects, as well as rodents. These programs involve having our pest control experts come out to your property on a regular basis to use low-toxicity chemicals and other products that keep pests at bay. Scheduling this type of preventive pest control helps your business avoid problems that can occur when bugs, rodents or other pests invade, such as having to close indefinitely until the problem is taken care of. With our Integrated Pest Management services, your company doesn’t have to close for hours or days and lose out on business.

Waiting until pests have already invaded your business can also cost you more money when it comes to pest control. Depending on how severe the problem is, you might need several treatments in order to completely rid your property of these pests. With routine pest control, you don’t have to worry about this.

Don’t wait for a pest problem to appear. Contact Stern Environmental Group to set up regular NJ commercial pest control to keep your business free of insects, rodents and other unwanted critters.

NJ Home Owners: Get Ready for Carpenter Bee Season

Honey Bees
Bee Season

When bee season is in full bloom, home owners can expect a variety of problems the biggest one being the carpenter bee whose favorite pastime is burrowing into wood.

As late spring blends into early summer, carpenter bees will make their presence known, one way or another. While the larger male bee may plan diversionary tactics and terrorize you, your friends and family, and outdoor pets should you approach their home base, it’s the females who get an attitude and provide the stinging action.

The sting is very painful and serious for those with allergic reactions to bee stings and another good reason to contact the professional technicians at Stern Environmental Group for assistance.

Carpenter bees love to create tunnels in wood that is susceptible to chewing such as damaged or weathered pieces. Once they create their network, the bees set up their burrows within the wood and set up household.

With all the chewing and tunneling, it is pretty clear by doing a visual inspection of the exterior portions of the wood on your home, garage, shed, or carport, that these flying, stinging insects can wreak havoc that can lead to costly wood replacements and repairs to the affected areas.

When bees begin to buzz, it’s time to contact the professionals at Stern Environmental Group for answers and help. During bee season, you’re going to need more than a fly swatter to tackle bee infestations.

Our IPM Plans Save Your NYC Business Money

Save Your Business Money
Save Your Business Money

Having a pest infestation in your business can put you, your employees and your customers at risk. In order to lower the risk of food contamination, structural damage and other hazards, it’s important to make arrangements for commercial pest management as soon as possible.

If you’re worried about the overall cost to have pests eliminated or the dangers of having toxic chemicals applied inside your building, we offer an Integrated Pest Management program that is cost-effective, thorough and non-toxic. Our IPM program uses non-toxic methods of treatment to effectively get rid of pests, such as German cockroaches and bed bugs.

IPM programs are designed to be safe and convenient, along with providing highly effective pest control. At Stern, we use Cryonite®, a non-toxic, chemical-free carbon dioxide snow treatment, which freezes pests. Cryonite® is safe enough to be used in kitchens, near electrical equipment and in several other areas. It also won’t force you to keep your building closed for hours or even days, as you would need to do with toxic treatment methods. That means you won’t lose out on any business, and you’ll have a non-toxic, pest-free environment for your employees and customers.

For commercial pest management that keeps your employees safe while saving your company money, contact Stern Environmental Group. We’ll provide you with more information on our Integrated Pest Management program and set up an appointment.