Business Donates Cockroaches to Schools

Cockroach Control
Here Have Some Cockroaches

Does the thought of willingly introducing roaches into your child’s school leave your skin crawling? That’s exactly what is happening – for educational purposes – to 3rd graders in two Detroit schools thanks to a local pest control company.

Not your average cockroach…
Aimed at boosting the kids’ interests in entomology, the specimens – giant, oval-shaped Madagascar hissing cockroaches – arrived complete with glass bug habitats and care instructions. This pest control benefactor has been spreading the wingless wonders for a couple of years now, bringing science to life and gifting the students with a better understanding of the insect world.

A roach by any other name…
The popularity of the project can be seen in the excitement and engagement of the children, who even name the specimens. You probably won’t see ‘Flash’ around your home, however.

Greatly in need of better press
Unlike the American cockroaches your home may be suffering, the Madagascar roaches eats fruits like bananas and applies, and wouldn’t be able to live in the wild in our cold neck of the woods. They prefer moist tropical regions. An interesting experiment at a time when cockroaches are on the front lines of bad press in the White House basement press facilities.

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