Tips on Rat Control for NYC Restaurants Part Two

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Keep The Rats Out

Thanks for checking back for the second post in our series about NYC restaurant rat control. Hopefully you’re finding this series helpful, and you’re able to use it to improve your own efforts at keeping rats out of your NYC restaurant. Let’s continue with a few more helpful tips.

Tip #4: Score extra points with neatness – It’s very important to make sure the interior and the exterior of your restaurant is neat. Regularly check for and remove stray trash, and if you have to store items, try to do so off the ground. You’ll find inspecting will be much easier.

Tip #5: Remove rats’ water supplyNYC rats might have a great water supply that you’re not aware of. Buckets, flower pots and other vessels that collect water offer them a welcoming place to call home. Dump these and remove them.

Tip #6: Inspect your foundation – Rats find it very easy to squeeze through small places, and if your foundation has cracks or holes, you’re making it even easier for them. Inspect your foundation regularly and seal up any cracks or problems that you find.

It is our hope that your restaurant never has to endure the scrutiny of an inspector who has just found a rat problem. Rat control in NYC can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. If you have a situation that you need professional help with, please contact us right away.