Too Busy? Got Bedbugs? No Worry Prep Services

Fighting The Infestation
Fighting The Infestation

Getting rid of a bedbug infestation is not an easy process. It requires quite a bit of preparation in order to reach all of the areas that bedbugs are found and ensure that these pests are gone. If you don’t have time to fully prepare to have your home treated for an infestation, consider using a bedbug prep service.

What Does This Service Do?

Bedbug prep service takes steps to make sure your home is ready to be treated, which typically involves removing and fumigating certain items and storing others in sealed containers. Some of these tasks include the following:

  • Wrapping bedding and upholstery in plastic and taking them to an off-site location to be fumigated
  • Emptying drawers, placing clothing in sealed containers and taking them off-site for fumigation
  • Wiping down any items that won’t be removed with alcohol, then sealing them in plastic
  • Vacuuming carpets

What Happens to My Belongings?

Items that need to be fumigated are taken to an off-site location, then treated with sulfuryl fluoride, which is odorless and won’t leave any residue on your possessions. After being fumigated, these items are stored in a secure facility until you’re ready to have them returned to your home.

Need some help getting your home ready for bedbug treatment? At Stern, we offer bedbug prep service to make things easier and more convenient for you. Contact us today for more information.