NJ Home Owners: Get Ready for Carpenter Bee Season

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Bee Season

When bee season is in full bloom, home owners can expect a variety of problems the biggest one being the carpenter bee whose favorite pastime is burrowing into wood.

As late spring blends into early summer, carpenter bees will make their presence known, one way or another. While the larger male bee may plan diversionary tactics and terrorize you, your friends and family, and outdoor pets should you approach their home base, it’s the females who get an attitude and provide the stinging action.

The sting is very painful and serious for those with allergic reactions to bee stings and another good reason to contact the professional technicians at Stern Environmental Group for assistance.

Carpenter bees love to create tunnels in wood that is susceptible to chewing such as damaged or weathered pieces. Once they create their network, the bees set up their burrows within the wood and set up household.

With all the chewing and tunneling, it is pretty clear by doing a visual inspection of the exterior portions of the wood on your home, garage, shed, or carport, that these flying, stinging insects can wreak havoc that can lead to costly wood replacements and repairs to the affected areas.

When bees begin to buzz, it’s time to contact the professionals at Stern Environmental Group for answers and help. During bee season, you’re going to need more than a fly swatter to tackle bee infestations.