Canada Cautions Residents On Buying Bedbug Treatments on the Internet

Canada Warns Against DYI Bed Bug Treatment
Canada Warns Against DYI Bed Bug Treatment

Canadian health officials are urging people to avoid unregulated and possibly illegal bedbug chemicals available for purchase online. This follows a recent tragedy in Alberta, when a mother used dangerous phosphine pesticides which resulted killed her infant daughter and sickened the family.

Phosphine can kill bedbugs, but it also poses an unnecessary and lethal risk to humans and pets. Websites from around the world have been selling the unapproved pesticides to residents of Canada and possibly the U.S. as well.

Health Canada has stated that people with bedbug problems should always consult licensed pest control providers to ensure safe and effective bedbug treatments.

Which bedbug treatments can you safely purchase online?

Many bedbug control products can be purchased online safely and legally, including:

  • bedbug mattress liners
  • enzyme laundry treatments
  • other non-toxic treatments and supplies

Under no circumstances should you take the serious risk of purchasing bedbug treatment chemicals that are not approved for use in the U.S. or require application by a licensed exterminator.

Phosphine pesticides are particularly dangerous. Humans experience coughing and irritation around the chemical, and many people experience serious or fatal consequences.

If you’ve spotted bedbugs, don’t be tempted to buy harsh chemicals online, especially from foreign countries. Let Stern Environmental provide effective bedbug treatments that are safe for you and your family.