Dogs Make Simple Work of NJ and NYC Bedbug Detection

Dog's Find Bed Bugs Easy
Dog’s Find Bed Bugs Easy

For years, dogs have been successfully employed by police and other law enforcement personnel to sniff out drugs and track down lawbreakers on the run. Now they’re fighting another type of threat in NJ and NYC as K-9 patrol in the battle against the resurgence of bed bugs.

Dogs have perhaps the most finely tuned sense of smell found in nature. Their seven square meters of nasal membranes hold 200 to 250 million scent receptors. Compare that to the nasal membranes of humans that cover half a meter and contain a paltry five million receptors. A dog can sniff out things that can’t be detected by even the most sensitive scientific equipment.

Another benefit of doggy patrols is their consistent level of service. Dogs will happily work for incentives as simple as treats or even just the love and approval of their humans.

A bed-bug-seeking dog works quickly and efficiently, scoping out a room and locating infestations in two to three minutes. Human technicians must rely on visual evidence, which can make a thorough inspection more time-consuming. Once a dog has detected an infestation, the job is turned over to professionals for extermination procedures.

Our skilled technicians are another valuable weapon in the war on bed bugs and any other household pests found in the NJ and NYC areas. Visit our website to learn more about our extermination services and pest control programs.