Why Rats Love New York City

The Warf Rat
NYC Rats

If you believe stories about the rats of New York City, the rat population is as large as the human one. According to a March Wired article, inspectors for the city’s Department of Health conducted approximately 95,000 rat inspections in 2013 alone to maintain NYC rat control.

Rats are carriers of fleas, lice, mites and other insects that often carry diseases. Fleas can become plague carriers. Although health inspectors have not found any evidence of plague, rat fleas can become infected with the plague bacteria and transmit it to humans.

At Stern Environmental, we want you to understand how best to keep your employees and customers safe from rat-borne diseases; and your property safe from rat damage.

Rats love New York City because:

  • 1. It is well-known for its trash disposal issues. Rats easily get access to a free buffet any time day or night from litter, dumpsters and trash bags.
  • 2. Rats like to burrow. Trees and shrubbery in parks and near apartment buildings, offices, retail spots, warehouses and factories give them plenty of places to hide when moving above ground and soft soils allow them to create underground tunnels.
  • 3. Tons of existing dark areas and paths exist where rats can travel, hide and breed, such as basements, crawl spaces, sewers and subway tunnels.

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The NJ and NYC Commercial Pest Control Experts

Commercial Solutions
Commercial Solutions

The science of pest control evolves and improves over time, and at Stern Environmental Group we always stay on top of the latest technologies and methods for commercial pest control.

Among our innovative treatments, we offer chemical-free Cryonite® that freezes cockroaches, bed bugs and other insects with carbon dioxide. Using Crynoite lets us eliminate pests without raising concerns about toxicity, odors or disrupting your business.

Integrated Pest Management: Tailored for Your Business

Pest control experts know that effective and lasting treatment requires more than just spraying chemicals. Integrated Pest Management cuts to the root causes of a pest problem and addresses the ongoing pest concerns of your industry and work site.

The Stern Environmental team works with your business to develop routine pest treatments and maintenance plans with a focus on prevention, control, and elimination — not just a band-aid solution.

Trained to Handle Your Business’s Pest Issues

We bring real expertise in the pest problems facing New York and New Jersey businesses. This includes rats, bed bugs, and cockroaches as well as termites and urban wildlife. We implement advanced pest control solutions for hospitality, retail, warehouses, boats, planes, and apartment complexes. If there’s a pest in the NYC area, Stern Environmental knows how to handle it!

Does your business have an infestation, or do you want to manage risk with a commercial pest control treatment plan? Choose safe, fast, and effective pest services from Stern Environmental Group.

Are Bedbugs Poised to Become Their Own Species? Some Scientists Say Yes

Bed Bugs
Bed Bugs

Bedbugs usually cause feelings of dread among people, but for scientists, they serve as a source of fascination. Researchers have discovered that bedbugs are likely to evolve into a new species.

Bedbug Origins

Bedbugs didn’t start out as pests that feed on human blood. Instead, they first fed on the blood of bats found in caves. As humans started making their homes in caves, bedbugs began feeding on them.

When humans started building homes, some bedbugs stayed among them. Over the years, these bedbugs have developed physical traits that are different from bedbugs that feed exclusively on bats.

Bedbug Variations

Bedbugs that feed on human blood have legs that are thinner and longer than the legs of those that feed on bat blood. Since these bedbugs don’t have to hold onto bats hanging upside down in caves, they don’t need short, strong legs.

Bedbugs that feed on human blood have also developed a resistance to pesticides, unlike those that feed on bat blood. However, they also have their limitations. They live for a shorter amount of time if they only feed on bat blood, since their systems have adapted to feeding on human blood.

Scientists believe that bedbugs that feed on human blood will eventually become their own species if they continue developing different physical traits.

Need help with bedbugs in your home or business? Contact Stern Environmental Group for reliable NJ bed bug control.

Interesting Factoids on Stink Bugs

Stink Bug Season
Stink Bug Season

The name carpenter ant just sounds industrious. The idiom “busy as a bee” also gives some positive characteristics to a tiny pest. But with a name like stink bug, it is unlikely this particular insect species will be getting their own Pixar movie anytime soon. Despite their unpleasant name and repulsive defense mechanism, these creatures are fascinating just the same.


Homeowners typically notice the most stink bugs during spring, fall and early winter. The insects are not able to generate any body heat and will seek a warm place to overwinter. They like to get inside walls to ride out the cold months. Once inside, they can be very difficult to eliminate.


Farmers and home gardeners are familiar with the damage stink bugs can inflict on crops like cucumbers, tomatoes, grapes, apples, and pears. They will also eat other insects like caterpillars. They seldom bite humans unless they have no method of escape.

The smell

Anytime the stink bug is frightened, it will release a foul odor from the stink glands. The smell is described differently by people. Some say it is a sharp bitter odor. Others compare it to sweaty feet. Regardless of how people feel about it, other stink bugs like it and follow it to find a new place to live.

To prevent any pest from taking up residence inside your New Jersey business, contact the experts at Stern Environmental Group.

Keep Your Business Pest-Free This Summer

Keep Your Business Pest Free
Keep Your Business Pest Free

Many small business owners that have little more than offices and warehouse space do not think they are a desirable target for pests. But ants, mice, cockroaches, and other disease-carrying pest love to take advantage of buildings that are not properly protected. Take a few simple steps to prevent an infestation at your business this summer.

Exterior inspection

Seal any cracks in the exterior of your building to eliminate access points. Make sure that the landscaping is back from the building and no limbs are in contact with your roof. Standing water in parking lot pot holes or other low spots will attract mosquitoes and other insects. Be sure the outside waste bins have lids and trash is removed from the inside of your building daily.

Interior upkeep

Make sure all employees keep any food items in sealed containers. If you have refrigerators and microwaves, be sure they get cleaned regularly. Bugs love moisture, so repair any leaking pipes right away. It is sometimes easy to overlook in warehouse areas. When cleaning floors, make a point to sweep and vacuum the seldom used areas and closets to prevent a build up of dust and dirt.

Running your business requires a lot of time and attention. Delegate pest control to the experts at Stern Environmental Group. We will provide regular treatments and inspections to prevent any pest from becoming a problem for you.