Desperate to Kill Bed Bugs? Don’t Try This!

Get Rid Of Bedbugs
Get Rid Of Bedbugs

When bed bugs have invaded your home or business, it’s understandable that you want a way to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Bed bugs are a big nuisance and can force you to leave your home or close your business temporarily while they’re being exterminated. Before attempting any treatments on your own, though, keep the following story in mind.

A Long Island man tried to kill bed bugs by pouring rubbing alcohol all over a rental car that had them. After using the rubbing alcohol, the man got inside the car and started smoking, which set the car on fire and left him with first and second-degree burns all over his body. The man said he used rubbing alcohol after being told that this substance would kill bed bugs.

Although you probably know that lit cigarettes and rubbing alcohol don’t mix, this story is a good reminder of how dangerous it can be to attempt bed bug control yourself. Leaving it to the professionals helps reduce the risk of using the wrong thing to get rid of them or using something in a way that can be harmful. No matter how desperate you are to rid your home or business of bed bugs, let the experts handle it instead.

Don’t take risks getting rid of bed bugs on your own. Contact Stern Environmental Group for safe and effective bed bug control.