Why Rats Love New York City

The Warf Rat
NYC Rats

If you believe stories about the rats of New York City, the rat population is as large as the human one. According to a March Wired article, inspectors for the city’s Department of Health conducted approximately 95,000 rat inspections in 2013 alone to maintain NYC rat control.

Rats are carriers of fleas, lice, mites and other insects that often carry diseases. Fleas can become plague carriers. Although health inspectors have not found any evidence of plague, rat fleas can become infected with the plague bacteria and transmit it to humans.

At Stern Environmental, we want you to understand how best to keep your employees and customers safe from rat-borne diseases; and your property safe from rat damage.

Rats love New York City because:

  • 1. It is well-known for its trash disposal issues. Rats easily get access to a free buffet any time day or night from litter, dumpsters and trash bags.
  • 2. Rats like to burrow. Trees and shrubbery in parks and near apartment buildings, offices, retail spots, warehouses and factories give them plenty of places to hide when moving above ground and soft soils allow them to create underground tunnels.
  • 3. Tons of existing dark areas and paths exist where rats can travel, hide and breed, such as basements, crawl spaces, sewers and subway tunnels.

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