Connecticut Gets Proactive on Telling Thrift Stores About Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs
Thrift Stores And Bed Bugs

Many people that shop at thrift stores should be extra careful when they purchase used bedding or furniture. These items may contain bedbugs, in the form of eggs or larvae that may not initially be noticed, and once in your home, they can proliferate and become a serious problem.

Fortunately, there are proactive laws in Connecticut, mandated by the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection, titled under Section 21A-232, that do not allow the sale of bedding or filling materials unless “… it has been sterilized or sanitized and has a tag bearing the secondhand dealer’s license number and the permit number of the person performing the sterilization or sanitization.” This assures every Connecticut consumer, who buys used bedding or furniture and filling material, that their items will be bedbug free.

Of course as a consumer, you must always check the tag to ensure that this procedure has been accomplished, and if there is no verification that the used material has been sanitized, consider it in your best interest to pass the item by.

Connecticut must be applauded for taking this step and ensuring the general public that used bedding and filling related items will be bedbug free before they are taken home.

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