Rats and Roaches Provide Eradication Challenge for Hospitals

Rats And Roaches
Rats And Roaches

No one, no where, at any time, wants to deal with an infestation of mice, rats, cockroaches, fleas, ants, and bedbugs, but that seems to be a major problem the National Health Service (NHS) is dealing with in the UK.

Over the period of one day, the publicly funded NHS has had to call on professional pest control services an average of 19 times each and every day. That’s 19 times, or nearly 600 times a month when pest eradication is necessary. Unfortunately, problem pests are making an appearance, doing damage, spreading germs, and subjecting patients to bodily harm.

It’s difficult to imagine, in this day and time, rats in a surgery unit, bite marks on patients in mental health wards, cockroaches roaming over, under, and around beds and equipment, and ants crawling over patients and taking up residence in the maternity ward. Hard to believe but a true report by the Daily Mail.

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