Do You Use Storage Facilities? How to Protect Your Goods from Pests

Don't Let Mice and Rats Move In
Keeping Pests Out Of Storage

Self-storage facilities are extremely susceptible to pest infestations. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to protect your customer’s property at your storage center.

Encourage Customers to store stuff safely:

  • Avoid attention.
    Attractants such as food, live plants, bags, boxes and paper goods are attractive to pests and increase your risk of infestation.
  • Tighten up.
    Air and watertight plastic containers are superior to cardboard for preventing infestation, and raised pallets prevent pests from hiding underneath items. Covering holes with silicon caulk around pipes and wires discourages infestation as well.
  • Take out the trash.
    Clean items prior to packing and keep your storage area clear of trash.
  • Inspect.
    Routine professional pest inspections can prevent the spread of infestation, as can examining items thoroughly before moving them back to your home. If you notice infestations, notify the facility manager ASAP.
  • Stay dry.
    Eliminate moisture in and around units, as it attracts pests.
  • Landscape.
    Keep pest-harboring trees, bushes and weeds trimmed and well away from storage areas.

Be on guard against these top pests:

  • Rodents
    Gnawing causes severe damage in short time, and droppings pose a significant health risk.
  • Roaches
    Spread a host of human diseases including 33 types of bacteria and 6 parasitic worms, and can live for a month without food!
  • Bedbugs
    Excellent hitchhikers. Can live for more than a year without blood meal and withstand temperature extremes from nearly freezing to 122 degrees.

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