Keeping Pests Out of Your Workplace – What Everyone Should Know

Keep Pests Out
Keep Pests Out

You have a business and everything is running just fine until you realize you have four and six-legged pests in the workplace. While it’s important to eradicate crawling, burrowing, or flying pests in their tracks, it’s equally important for you to keep employees safe from the germs and disease carried by these unwanted intruders.

Many types of pests find their way into office buildings for a variety of reasons. They’re usually on the hunt for available food, water, nesting area, or shelter from inclement weather.

The list is long of the types of pests you may find lodging in your office building. A few of the better known problematic pests include cockroaches, ants, spiders, fruit flies, and fungus gnats that generate from plants that have been watered to excess.

The four-legged furry pests no one wants to see roving the corridors are rats and mice. These pests are adept at squeezing into and under the smallest hole in search of food which can consist of fabric, plastic and paper.

If the building has any open area around the eaves, squirrels will make their way inside to set up housekeeping for a new batch of babies.

There’s plenty to do to contain, remove, and secure buildings with the services of the professionals at Stern Environmental Group.

If your business is being invaded by pests, call the experts. Our experienced technicians know how to eliminate pests efficiently and fast.