Swarming Bees Are Unwelcome House Guests

Stinging Insects Got You Crazy?
Stinging Insects Making You Crazy?

What would you do if your New Jersey home was suddenly overcome with swarming bees coming through your home’s ceiling and floorboards? A British family was recently confronted with this nightmare scenario come to life.

For more than a year, Marie Riley and her two sons shared a peaceful co-existence with a hive of bees in the chimney of their Silverdale home. That changed in late May when overpopulation drove many of the bees to flee their home for roomier quarters. After swarming around the Riley home, they set up camp in a conifer tree in the back garden.

Marie decided the time had come to remove the bees permanently. Both her sons are hearing-impaired, and she feared they wouldn’t hear the warning buzz of approaching bees. She notified her landlord of the issue and he enlisted professional help. They set up a scaffold to reach any bees that were hanging around the top of the house. Most of the bees were humanely removed by a trained beekeeper.

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