Yikes – 10% of Those Infected with the Powassan Virus Carried by NJ Ticks Will Die

NJ Ticks
NJ Ticks

The newest tick-borne illness to watch for is called the Powassan Virus. The first signs of this infection are showing up in the New Jersey area, and it is proving to have a 10% mortality rate of those who are afflicted. Because it is a virus, just like a cold or flu, there is no immediate cure. You’ll have to weather the storm, with help from your local doctor or hospital, until the virus runs its course. Here is what to look for if you become infected.

Warning Signs

Much like Lyme disease, people infected with the Powassan Virus will exhibit signs of fever, a rash where the tick was attached and headaches. If antibiotics are given, but the symptoms do not go away, the chances are that the person has been infected with the Powassan Virus.

Prevention is the Only Cure

Not being bitten by a tick that harbors the virus is the only real cure. Always check your body after being outside, particularly in places like arm pits, navels and on your head. Spray your clothing with a 20% to 30% deet-based insect repellent before going outside, and avoid contact with bushy or woody areas where ticks might be lurking.

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