Rat Infested with Plague Carrying Fleas Are Suspected Cause of Teen’s Death

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Don’t Risk Your Staff’s Safety with Uncontrolled Rats.

Pests come into our homes and we just deal with them because we’re used to them or because we can’t seem to get rid of them. Fleas and mice or rats could be these kinds of pests. Where there’s one mouse, there’s several. Fleas, too. And the case may be that you have tried many times to rid your house of them, but they just won’t go away, Often times, we don’t know how harmful they can be to us, our family or our home.

In Larimer County, Colorado, a sixteen year old high school athlete became ill with flu like symptoms and died suddenly from what has been discovered to be the plague. Taylor Gaes died on June 8 after contracting the plague from a flea who picked it up from an infected rat on the family farm.

According to the Larimer County Health Department, the plague spreads through rodent populations in localized areas producing mass animal ‘die-offs’. Taylor had septicemic plague meaning it was contracted into his blood and spread throughout his body quickly. This kind of plague is rare and is highly fatal unless treated promptly. However, with nothing obvious to suggest the plague, this can be difficult.

This family had no clue that such a horrific disease lived on their family farm. And we don’t know, either.

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