The Tick Primer: Common Ticks Found in New Jersey

NJ Ticks Carry Pathogens
NJ Ticks Carry Pathogens

Ticks have become one of the most feared biting pests — they are not insects, and are, in fact, related to spiders and scorpions — because of their ability to transmit Lyme Disease. But of the most common ticks in the New Jersey area, only one of them transmits the disease, and the others are relatively harmless when they bite.

Lone Star Tick

This tick is so named because adult females, the ones who bite, have a small white spot on their backs, which essentially looks like a little star. Males and nymphs have no star, and all of their bodies are rounded.

American Dog Tick

This is another harmless tick that has an oblong body shape. Adult females have a white collar across the top of their backs, while adult males have blotches of white on theirs. Nymphs are a uniform dark color.

Blacklegged Tick

Of the common ticks found around New Jersey, this is the tick that carries Lyme Disease. Only the females and nymphs feed and therefore, transmit the disease to a human host. They have a teardrop shape, and females have a dark red lower abdomen. Nymphs are uniformly reddish-brown in color

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