German Cockroaches Flock to Food Preparation Areas

German Cockroaches can be hard to control.
German Cockroaches can be hard to control.

Food prep areas used to be notorious for German cockroach infestation. The cockroaches used to come in from the suppliers, in bags, boxes, hidden under pallets and such, and in these ways, they would travel from one food preparation position to another.

However, through modern inspection and control methods, this type of infestation now only accounts for about 5% of all cockroach problems. Yet cockroaches still remain a problem. So, where are all of the German cockroaches coming from?

Home Made Pests

It has been found that employees are actually carrying cockroaches, their nymphs and eggs, into food processing plants and food preparation sites. Truly, 95% of German cockroach infestation in these areas, is brought in by the employees themselves through personal items.


  • Use an outside cleaning service for uniforms. They should never be taken home.
  • Personal items should not be taken into locker rooms or break rooms. Personal clothing should never be worn in food areas.
  • Regular cleaning should be done in all locker rooms and break rooms
  • Training should be given to employees about the risks of bringing cockroaches in
  • A strong and proactive cockroach monitoring program should be put in place, particularly in food and vending areas.

For more and detailed information about cockroaches in your food processing areas, contact the  Stern Environmental Group. We can offer programs to combat German cockroach infestation, in both prevention and eradication.