Cockroaches to Termites What’s Next?

The Trouble With Cockroaches
Termites From Cockroaches?

Two of the most hated insects on the planet likely share a common origin, according to the National University of Singapore’s sciences department. Researchers believe the voracious termite evolved from the highly prolific and resilient coach roach about 170 million years ago. This means termites were around long before the dinosaurs and are likely to continue thriving for many years ahead. What does this all mean to you?

They are getting tougher and smarter

Cockroaches have learned to avoid sweet-tasting traps. The termites and coach roaches know you do not want them in your home. Roaches are highly evasive and typically on move about at night. If you see them during the day, it is probably due to overcrowding, and the problems is bigger than you realize. Termites are active year-round. They eat non-stop and virtually unnoticed. They move from the ground to the wood of your home in areas you don’t go or look. These little pest and their disease-carrying ancestors can cause serious illness in your home and thousands of dollars in repair cost.

Trust the experts

While you spend very little of your time thinking about them, cockroaches and termites are constantly striving for survival of themselves and their eggs. Over-the-counter insecticides never fully get rid of them. For a thorough eradication and to keep all manner of pests from coming back, trust the pest control experts at Stern Environmental Group.