Bed Bugs on the Red Carpet: Movie Premiere Postponed

Bed Bugs On The Red Carpet
Bed Bugs On The Red Carpet

Action movie should have the audience jumping out of their seats — not jumping up to escape from bed bug bites.

At the AMC theater at Times Square recently, attendees of the Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials premiere were treated to an unexpected unpleasantness when a thorough bed bug infestation had everybody itching and scratching.

AMC has responded to the bad press, stating that they take immediate action and hire a bed bug extermination company as soon as they confirm any reports of bed bugs. They also conduct routine inspections to try to catch infestations before they take hold.

Movie theaters aren’t the only type of business that needs to be vigilant about bed bugs. The pests tend to convene and spread at any public place where people gather, especially if there is upholstered furniture or carpeting.

When Bed Bugs Go Viral

At the Maze Runner premiere, many audience members were distraught and disgusted after getting bit in the dark theater. Stories of the bed bug infestation started spreading quickly on news and social media.

That kind of viral news does not bode well for businesses, so AMC is right to take action and bring in a commercial pest control company immediately to calm consumers and win back trust.

Don’t let bed bugs write the headlines about your business! Contact Stern Environmental for bed bug services and extermination throughout the NYC/NJ area.

Brace Yourself, It’s Stinkbug Season!

Keep Stinkbugs Out Of Your Home
Keep Stinkbugs Out Of Your Home

At Stern Environmental Group, we know all about bugs and that includes the stinky kind. Stinkbug season is upon us and with our help, we’ll have your office fresh as a daisy,

Stinkbug Profile

The unusual shape of these bugs makes them look like a miniature armored tank. The brownish colored bug is a native of Japan, China and Taiwan. They made their debut in the U.S. around 1998 and have continued to call America home.

Stinkbugs are considered agricultural pests, no matter the season, and enjoy feeding on fruit and vegetable crops. If you have a garden or lush landscaping, the bugs will feed on the tasty leafy goodies starting in May or June.

You can tell if stinkbugs are pilfering your garden products by checking for dimpled areas on the outer surface of fruit or veggies or leaves. The dimpling is due to the sucking process of the pulp by the bugs. The bugs signature “odor” is often described as smelling like coriander and emitted whenever a bug feels threatened.

Winter Woes

When the fall season starts to make an appearance, stinkbugs pack their bags and move into homes and offices to hibernate throughout the winter. Cracks and crevices, around door and window frames, down chimneys, or any small opening is the perfect entrance for stinkbugs.

If you have an infestation in your property, contact our staff at Stern Environmental Group to set up an appointment to remove the problem.

Office Cafeteria Pest Alert

Don't Feed Them
Don’t Feed Them

Coming into the fall season, pests begin to seek shelter from the coming winter months. In general, your office space, where you work, will generally be clean and clear of pests, winter or summer. But just like every household, pests target areas where there is food and water pest are eyeing it to move in. That means, in an office scenario, the cafeteria or the break room are prime pest magnets. If there is ever going to be a pest problem in your office, here is where it will all begin.

Cleaning is the Best Prevention

In any situation, if there is nothing to eat or drink, pests will go elsewhere. That’s why cleaning is so important. Food crumbs, grease spots, spills, and even leftover dishes in the sink or on tables, are all invitations that the food bell has rung and it’s time to eat. Once pests invade and become a breeding colony, no matter what type of pest it is, they will be incredibly difficult to eradicate. But, if you don’t give them an opportunity to nourish and flourish, they just won’t stick around.

If you believe there is a pest problem in your cafeteria, break rooms or anywhere else in the office, please contact the Stern Environmental Group. We are professionally trained to rid your office setting of any pest issues, and we can give you tips to help keep them out and keep them away.

Rats: Less Than Expected, but 2 Million is Still Too Many!

Rat Facts
Rat Facts

A new study has recently brought to light that contrary to popular belief, the New York City rat population does not, in fact, outnumber the 8 million people living in the metropolis. So just how many rats do NYC commercial pest control professionals have to battle?

The magic number
According to study author Jonathan Auerbach, Ph.D., of Columbia University, no more than 2 million rats are taking a bite out of the Big Apple. The previously hypothesized one-rat-per-person calculation originated in the 1909 W.R. Boelter book, The Rat Problem, but has now been found to be an enormous overestimation.

Smaller in number, but no small problem
How did Auerbach come up with the present hypothesis? Classifying rat sightings by parcels of land in the New York City, he deduced that of 842,000 studied sites, 40,500 were inhabited by the rotten rodents. Assuming one colony of around 50 rats per lot, the total adds up to an estimated two million rats.

Not feeling better about that number? You’re not alone…
The mega-hoards of rats in New York City are more than annoying. The repelling rodents pose a public health risk. Rats are a vector for an array of dangerous diseases, including:

  • Rat-bite fever
  • Leptospirosis
  • Bubonic plague
  • Lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV)
  • Salmonellosis
  • Typhus
  • Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome
  • Lyme disease
  • West Nile
  • And more…

Feeling outnumbered? Get a leg up from the NYC commercial pest control experts at Stern today!

Property Managers, How to Tell Tenants You’ve Got Bedbugs!

Bed Bug Infestations
You Have Bedbugs

After finding bedbugs, many landlords and property managers want to keep the situation hush-hush. In the long run, it may actually be better to tell tenants about the situation so you can exterminate the bedbug infestation completely and educate tenants about prevention.

Bedbugs spread quickly between units. After pest control for one apartment, you may wind up with reports of bed bugs weeks later in another unit. Often the easiest, least expensive option is to have the entire building inspected and treated as necessary.

Here’s what property managers need to tell tenants about bedbugs:

  • Acknowledge confirmed reports so tenants do not speculate about the problem being worse than it is.
  • Ask tenants to report signs of bedbugs. Some people keep quiet because they don’t want to be held responsible for bedbug extermination. That can leave you with hidden bed bugs that keep spreading around the building. Better to welcome the reports.
  • Ask tenants to sign up for bed bug extermination so you can arrange for professional pest control to treat all affected units.
  • Provide tips and information about how bed bugs spread, how they can clean clothing and other items, and how to spot the signs of a bedbug infestation.

Bedbugs cause stress and anxiety for tenants and landlords alike. Stay on top of the situation and control the message! Let your tenants know that you are bringing in bedbug exterminators to clear the property.