Highlighting Great Bed Bug Detectors for Offices and Hotels

Bed Bug Detectors
Bed Bug Detectors

Bed bugs. No one likes them and no one wants them anywhere in or near their home or business. The problem is, these tiny bloodsuckers are master hitchhikers. This means they can be on a bus, flying the friendly skies, in a cab, stuffed inside a piece of luggage or briefcase, learning their ABC’s at school, or riding the rails in a piece of clothing.

Because these pests are so active, they can travel from many locations and be deposited in your home or business where they’ll set up housekeeping and dinner reservations with you as the main course.

Bed bugs can be most anywhere but you’ll know they’re around by the red, itchy bites they leave on your body. To monitor these pesky diners, there are several new solutions available, many of which we sell on our website.

Many of these detectors will trap insects so they can be identified for infestation verification purposes and some even use special scents to attract bed bugs to sticky surfaces to capture them.

If your home or business is experiencing a bed bug invasion, or if you’d like more information about your bed bug detection options, just give us a call. When you contact our representatives at Stern Environmental, you’ll receive expert help on the best way to deal with bed bug problems. We are the NYC regional experts!

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