One Traveler’s Nightmare: Bed Bugs and an Allergic Reaction to the Bites

Bites on an arm.
Allergic Reaction To Bed Bugs

Even the most well planned vacation can turn into a nightmare when faced with bed bugs in your hotel. This recently happened when a couple on vacation staying in a popular chain hotel woke up the next morning with multiple bites on their legs and their son’s leg and toe.

Unfortunately, bed bugs are a growing concern because they are easily transported from one location to another where the bugs will set up camp and become an ongoing itchy problem. In some cases, their bite can also lead to severe allergic reactions resulting in hospitalization as was the case with the vacationing couple.

Whether from a hotel, bed and breakfast, workplace, classroom, church pew, restaurant seating, or public transportation, bed bugs can be brought into the home via clothing, backpacks, or luggage.

When your home or place of business is invaded, it requires the services of a professional company with the tools, knowledge, and expertise to thoroughly rid the area of the biting bugs.

With specialized services and monitors available with Stern Environmental Group, our experienced technicians can assess the infestation and recommend a plan of action that can include elimination of the infestation and long-term monitoring.

A bed bug infestation makes life miserable. If you have a problem with bed bugs, let us help you. Contact us at Stern Environmental Group for the latest technology to rid these bloodsuckers from your home or business.