Highlighting Bed Bug Heaters That Kill All Stages of Bed Bugs Including Eggs

Bed Bug Heater
Bed Bug Heater

Some like it hot, but not when it comes to bed bugs. Heat is lethal to these pests, making it a perfect weapon for extermination. We have a variety of heaters available to eliminate bed bugs and their eggs from your NYC home or building.

  • The ZappBug Heater is a 13 cubic-feet portable unit for use on small luggage, toys, clothing and other items. Only 20 minutes inside the chamber, which reaches temperatures of 120 to 155 degrees, destroys bed bugs at any stage. It also comes in a room-sized unit for commercial applications.
  • Do you have a lot of clothing to treat? The PackTite Closet includes a rack for hanging garments, allowing for better air circulation and quicker treatment times. For smaller items, use the portable PackTite MAX.
  • The Bed Bug Oven literally bakes away pest problems in your hospitality business. This closet-sized unit is ideal for treating blankets, comforters and pillows in bulk. The standard size of the Bed Bug Oven is 6’6″ tall, 36″ wide and 24″ deep to accommodate many uses, but it can be special-ordered to meet your specific requirements.

Our trained technicians at Stern Environmental Group are the NYC bed bug specialists to turn to with any pest problem, large or small. Visit our website to learn more about our services, including extermination, control and prevention.