Bed Bug Dogs Allow for Rapid ProActive Property Inspections for Early Bed Bug Discovery

Bed Bug Dogs
Bed Bug Dogs

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but they’re not nearly as accommodating to bed bugs. Canine patrols have become the latest field agents in the war against the recent spread of bed bug infestations in NYC and across the country.

A dog’s secret weapon

If you’ve ever noticed how quickly your pet reaches your side when you’re eating, you’re well aware of a dog’s finely tuned sense of smell. The average canine has 200 to 250 million scent receptors in its nose, which dwarfs the human total of 5 million. Even sensitive scientific equipment cannot duplicate the superior scenting ability of dogs.

The nose is quicker than the eye

Once a dog has been trained, it can enter a room and detect bed bug infestations within two to three minutes. Its nose provides a quicker indicator than the efforts of human technicians, who are restricted to visual evidence. A manual search of a home or building can take hours.

Early detection of bed bugs can keep a minor nuisance from becoming a major problem. Our technicians at Stern Environmental Group use state-of-the-art, eco-friendly methods to find and eliminate bed bugs in your NYC home or business. Visit our website to learn more about why we are the preferred solution for extermination and control of bed bugs and other nuisance insects and wildlife.