Is the Bed Bug Invasion Truth or Hype?

The Bed Bug Invasion
The Bed Bug Invasion

Are bed bugs really on the warpath with the ultimate goal total home invasion or or is all the hoopla about the bloodthirsty pests just a lot of hype? One thing to keep in mind is bed bugs have been around for centuries. That’s a long time for a bug to be around so obviously, they are masters of survival.

In today’s world of sophisticated technology that allows better transportation, more opportunities for travel, and the means to get to destinations faster compared to times past has given bed bugs a jump start. It’s well documented by hotel management, hospitals, schools, churches, transportation options, and pest control services that bed bugs are indeed making inroads in infestations.

Bed bugs are inventive when it comes to finding new locations for nesting and feeding. Hopping aboard a packed suitcase or hitching a ride on a backpack are prime travel options for the bugs. Once in route, bed bugs may decide to stay at the hotel hunkering down in the mattress or keep traveling on a plane, train, taxi, school bus, or public transit while being unseen and snug and cozy between the seat cushions.

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