Stern Environmental Kills Mold Using the Patented MoldExterm System

Mold Extermination
Mold Extermination

If you have mold in your home or business, there is an elevated health risk. Some people are highly sensitive to mold and will experience symptoms like dry eyes, skin irritation and difficulty breathing. The reaction can be more severe for others.

To protect your family, employees and customers from the adverse effects of mold, you must first identify the cause of the mold. Then a MoldExterm treatment can eliminate your mold problem for a fraction of the cost of traditional mold remediation.

Why it is better

MoldExterm cost less, takes less time, and does not make a huge mess. Stern Environmental uses quaternary salt to eliminate toxic substances. This EPA-registered and regulated antimicrobial formula kills mold on contact without damaging the walls and other materials in your home.

Then the patented polymer sealant is applied. This is the same material used on surgically implanted devices. Once dried it is no longer water-soluble. An ionic crosslinker keeps it stable and actively fighting off mold, mildew and many other germs. This prevents mold from growing on that surface again.

You do not have to deal with mold problems on your own. Call the experts at Stern Environmental Group. We will provide you with a free mold inspection and prompt, professional service at every stage of the process. We use the latest and most effective mold remediation method to minimize the disruption to your business or household.