What Pests Plague NYC Businesses in Winter

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What Pests Will You Be Dealing with This Winter?

You may think wintertime means less pests from the bug, insect and rodent category but unfortunately, that isn’t the case. Winter can mean more of those flying, crawling, walking invaders for your property. The reason why is like most anyone or anything else, warmth, food, and water are a high priority and none may be readily available, especially during inclement weather.

A short list of potential candidates can give you a head start on signs to be aware of and what types of pests may be visiting your property.


In the bug department, there are several you may see indoors that you’d prefer to be outdoors. These include winged carpenter ants, fruit flies, spiders, and bed bugs. Yes, bed bugs aren’t just found in the bedding of homes. These tiny travelers are found wherever there are people.


As cute as that famous mouse at Disney may be, you don’t want his relatives running around your property, nor do you want larger rats searching for winter accommodations. Both are wily and master contortionists that can find their way into the tiniest of openings.

If your business is plagued with winter pests, calling a professional NJ pest control company is the best option.

With winter just around the corner, be prepared for pesky invaders to your building. Give us a call at Stern Environmental Group. Our NJ pest control experts will send unwanted guests packing.