What About Bed Bugs in Dorms and Hostels for Winter Travel?

View of a messy room
College Dorms are Great Places for Bed Bugs

There are enough things to worry about when traveling or heading off to live in a dorm and the last thing you want to deal with is bed bugs. It’s a possibility you should be aware of.

Found throughout the world, there is no place that is safe from the tiny bloodsuckers. From the swankiest hotel to a college dorm room or from a elementary school to a convenient hostel, bed bugs have found their way into these locations.

Bed bugs are prolific travelers and will hitch a ride on luggage, backpacks and carry-on bags then set up housekeeping once arriving at their destination. With more people traveling and students traveling to other countries to take classes, it provides more opportunities for bed bugs to be mobile.

Since bed bugs are pests of opportunity using available items as a means of transportation from place to place, it’s no wonder infestations occur.

A sure sign of bed buds are the red, itchy bites all over the body. Bugs infiltrate bedding, furniture, curtains, cushions, and desk drawers and need bed bug treatment by NYC bed bug control professionals to tackle the problem.

If you’re experiencing a bed bug infestation, you need the help of NYC bed bug control specialists. At Stern Environmental Group, we have the NYC bed bed control products to eliminate pests and keep them away. Call us today and be bed bug free tomorrow.