Could I Really Have Squirrels in My Attic?

The Squirrels Are In My Attic
The Squirrels Are In My Attic

You hear the pitter patter of little feet running across the ceiling of your property and wonder what four-legged critter has managed to find its way into your attic. The answer is most likely squirrels.

While cute, playful, and great at putting on aerial shows, when squirrels invade your attic it’s usually for two reasons. One is to get away from cold weather in the cozy warmth of the attic. The other is when a female wants to make a protected nest for her young.

In either situation, the squirrels will make food and water runs throughout the day and return to their attic home for the evening. When you’ve determined squirrels have moved into your attic, it’s important to find their point of entry. Removing the squirrels is necessary but unless you address where they’re entering, the opening will serve as a swinging door for more squirrels.

Removing squirrels on your own is not recommended. You need the professional services of NJ squirrel control technicians who know how to remove the squirrels without harm.

Keep your home snug as a bug and without the unwanted antics and potential damage of squirrels setting homestead in your attic. With one call to Stern Environment Group, our NJ squirrel control specialists will give the squirrels the old heave ho safely. Call us today and be squirrel-free tomorrow and enjoy a good night’s sleep without all the clatter.