Pest Control Firm Gives the Christmas Gift of Being Bedbug-Free

Bed Bugs
Bed Bug Free

It’s always a nice gesture to “give forward” to those who need a little help along the way especially when you’ve been the recipient of such generosity. Unfortunately, where bed bugs are concerned, allowing those in a bind access to your home who are unknowingly transporting bed bugs can put a damper on helping.

This happened to a South Dakota family resulting in the house being infested with bed bugs for two years. Nothing worked from over-the-counter chemicals to throwing out mattresses and sofas. All to no avail.

Enter the Christmas Elf in the guise of a local pest control service who took applications for folks in a pest predicament. The company chose the homes they felt were in the most critical need and provided a free inspection, treatment, and a follow up visit. Who says miracles don’t exist? Just ask the mom of 7 children how happy she is that everyone is now “bite free.”

Don’t think for a New York minute that a bed bug infestation is forever. There are plenty of options available from heat and steam to freezing the pests. Give yourself a Christmas present that keeps on giving with professional help for a NYC pest control company.

Our NYC pest control technicians are experienced in all phases of bed bug removal. Call us at Stern Environmental Group to set an appointment and get peace of mind in the New Year.