Libraries More Frequently Have to Battle Bedbugs

Keep an Eye Out For Bedbugs at Libraries
Keep an Eye Out For Bedbugs at Libraries

If you’re planning to visit your local library, make a note that you may end up checking out more than books or videos. A recent bed bug infestation in a Dubuque library resulted in a section of the library being closed for a week.

The pesky bloodsucking bugs were found housed between the cushions of two of the library’s sofas all snug as a bug in a rug. Quick thinking by a visitor noticing the bed bugs prompted quick action by staff.

The sofas were covered in plastic and removed from the library followed by a call to a local pest control service. The bed bugs were eradicated with two options. Both chemicals and steam were used followed by two inspections.

Library management also plans to follow up with a specially trained canine that sniffs out the parasites followed by monthly inspections.

Bed bugs are adept travelers and find their way into buildings on book bags, back packs, computer cases, purses, or in the folds of a person’s clothing who has visited an infested area or who has an infestation at home.

If you have or think you have a bed bug infestation problem there are several options available to eliminate a bed bug issue from professional NJ pest control services.

Stern Environmental Group is prepared and ready to eliminate pesky bed bugs impersonating as bookworms. Contact our NJ pest control technicians for more information.