The Humane Society Weighs in On Squirrel Control

Squirrel Damage
Squirrel Damage

While squirrels are entertaining to watch, they can become a nuisance to homeowners who’ve left easy entryways. Like most animals, squirrels look for save and warm locations to set up housekeeping and nesting areas to raise their young.

Easy Entry

Squirrels are opportunists and if given an opportunity to enter your home, they’ll gladly oblige. It doesn’t take much of an opening, either, for them to find their way in. Several areas to check frequently include torn screens, rotted fascia boards around the roof, chimney openings, crawl spaces, or a broken or damaged attic window.

Signs Squirrels are in Your Home

If you hear light, fast, running across your ceiling in the attic, chances are there’s a squirrel or two getting comfy. You may also hear scratching in the walls. This may mean there’s a trapped adult or young squirrel, which is not good.

Dangers Caused by Squirrels

The major damage done by squirrels is their need to gnaw. Unfortunately, this includes electrical wiring which creates a hazardous situation. Squirrels also carry pests and disease such as fleas and rabies,

While one or two squirrels may not seem like a problem, they are prone to returning year after year, This leads to a squirrel infestation requiring assistance from NYC squirrel removal specialists.

When too many squirrels are becoming a nuisance, contact our NYC squirrel removal team at Stern Environmental Group for humane trapping and removal.