University of Minnesota Gives Tips to Property Managers on Bedbugs

Bed Bug Infestations
The Bed Bug Issue

Bedbugs wreak havoc on homes, hotels, motels, hospitals, trains, buses, schools, churches and any other building or mode of transportation. Bed bugs are opportunistic and once they’ve set up a home base, they’re not easily removed.

For property managers, a bed bug issue can become a ongoing problem as the bugs travel from place to place. In an apartment building, for example, bed bugs in one apartment can infiltrate another apartment by passing through cracks and crevices.

Tips to Consider

If a tenant complains of bites and itchy rashes, the first thing to do is call Stern, your NJ bedbug specialists, to determine if the biting pests are actually bedbugs versus fleas. If it’s found the pests are bed bugs, the technician can treat the problem.You should have the option of using the heat or freezing treatment to eradicate the bed bugs.

Whether the property is a duplex, apartment, or a single-family rental property, it’s important for the tenant to remove any clutter that can be used as a hiding place for bed bugs.

It will also be necessary to wash all bedding, clothing, and rugs, vacuum the area and furniture thoroughly, and place mattresses and box springs in a bed bug encasement.

Our staff of professional NJ bedbug specialists are standing by to address your bedbug problem. Call us today at Stern Environmental Group and let us take a bite out of your property’s bedbug infestation.