The EPA Weighs in DIY Freezing Does Not Work!

How Cryonite Can Help You
DIY Freezing Does Not Work

The possibility of a bed bug infestation is a possibility no matter how clean your home may be. These bloodsucking pests are avid travelers that attach themselves to a variety of mobile transport items such as backpacks, totes, luggage and clothing.

The bugs are not picky about their mode of transportation as long as they have a snug and cozy place to call home once they arrive at their destination. This can be inside packed boxes, mattresses, box springs, headboards, curtains, drawers and crevices.

Eliminating bed bugs can be a challenge. One of the best ways to avoid an infestation is by decluttering your home to remove hiding places. Using bed encasements help protect bedding and regularly washing linens, bedspreads, comforters and blankets supports a no bed bug environment,

There are several methods used to kill bed bugs. Over-the-counter sprays may or may not be effective depending on the level of infestation. While freezing is one of the processes used to kill bed bugs, trying this on your own may not have the desired results as a very low temperature must be maintained for a significant length of time. A better option is contacting your NYC bedbug specialists who uses Cryonite, a non-toxic freezing treatment to eradicate the bugs.

When you need help from NYC bedbug specialists, give us a call at Stern Environmental Group. We have a cool solution to your bed bug dilemma.