A Little History: Fire Ants Came to America on Spanish Ships

The Ants
The Ants

Fire ants. Their name alone is a warning that the pests cause pain. These busy bugs, native to Central America and South America, have been a U.S. resident as far back as the 16th century.

World Travelers

Tropical fire ants are an invasive species. From what researchers have found, world traveling fire ants made their way to the U.S. aboard Spanish ships. Once the ships landed, the ants debarked and set up colonies. Today, it is estimated most of the planet’s tropical regions have fire ants as residents.

Understanding how the ants travel allows more research into processes and treatments used by NYC commercial pest control specialists to avoid, eliminate and remove existing or potential infestations.

Bugs that Pack a Punch

Fire ant bites hurt. Like their name implies, the bite is like a hot burning poker on your skin. When the ant bites, it injects a powerful venom that turns into a red pustule bump that can leave a scar. People who are allergic to fire ant bites can go into anaphylactic shock which needs immediate treatment. If not treated, the bite can cause death.

Fire ants aren’t the type of pest you want settling into your yard or home. If you think you have fire ants, let professional NYC commercial pest control technicians take care of the problem. Contact us at Stern Environmental Group at your earliest convenience to set up an appointment.


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  1. I know these fire ants more than likely just ended up being inadvertently transported in a ship’s cargo, but I can’t help but imagine gangs of them craftily stowing themselves away on the ships because they actually want to invade other territories.

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