NYC Department of Health Plagued by Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Infestations
The Plague of Bed Bugs

If you’ve ever doubted that bed bugs can infest anyplace, anytime, this tidbit of information will make it clear the tiny pests have no boundaries as confirmed by the NYC Department of Health.

The bloodsucking bugs made their presence known in the Long Island City office building much to the employee’s dismay. The sightings weren’t just a few rampant bed bugs but actual colonies that had made their home on the 11th floor.

In an effort for NYC bed bug control steps be put into place, employees had to put their personal items in plastic bags and clean their work area of any clutter in case any bed bugs were in the area.

Bed bugs can be transported into an area by many means including backpacks, totes, bags, and clothing. Just about anywhere where they can hop aboard and get off at a variety of destinations. The pests like warm cozy places like desk drawers, chair cushions, or cracks and crevices in walls.

You’ll know when you’ve been bitten by a bed bug as they leave itchy red welts sometimes mistaken as mosquito bites. Bed bugs are not known to carry any disease but some people do have an allergic reaction when bitten.

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Ten NYC Rodent Videos Go Viral – Rats, Raccoons, Squirrels Oh My!

NYC Rodents Going Viral

New York City has a lot going for it with entertainment, dining, hotels, and much more that keeps visitors and residents busy all year long. The one thing the city has that everyone would be happy doing without is its variety of rodents and urban wildlife.

New York City is known to have more than its share of rats but there are other four-legged varmints patrolling the city streets and parks looking or food. Add raccoons and squirrels to the mix and you have a lot of critters cruising around town.

For a first hand look at the rodents in action, take a look at some of the videos that have gone viral. From a drunken raccoon and milkshake drinking squirrel to a rat and a pigeon squaring off over a snack, you’ll see why these critters are street savvy when it comes to finding food.

Rodents and wildlife carry disease and for this reason alone, you don’t want them in or around your property. Plus, in the case of squirrels, they can damage the wiring in your attic.

NYC rodent control is an ongoing process and we can help. If you have pesky pests skittering around your property, now’s the time to get the best in NYC rodent control from Stern Environmental Group. Give us a call and let’s schedule an inspection and a plan of action to rid your property of hungry guests.

NYC Just Barely Makes Top 15 Cities for Bed Bugs

NYC for Bed Bugs
NYC for Bed Bugs

No matter where you live in the U.S., pesky insects are out and about. From ants and cockroaches to spiders and mosquitoes, there’s always something crawling or flying causing uncomfortable situations.

A not so new player making a splash in a big way in major cities is the infamous bed bug. These bugs, while tiny, pack a punch when it comes to creating itchy, scratchy, and irritated bites.

While bed bugs can be found anywhere and at any time, some U.S. cities have the unfortunate reputation as being in the top 15 where bed bug infestations are rampant. From the east coast to the west coast and a stop or two in-between, bed bugs are making their presence known.

According to the sixth annual bed bug report compiled by a nationwide pest control firm, New York City nabbed the number 3 spot for bed bug populations. With international travel being one of the factors for bed bugs to be transported from place to place, it’s no wonder NYC is a debarkation destination for the blood sucking pests.

When bed bugs invade your personal space, it only takes a call to our NYC bed bug control professionals to put things right. At Stern Environmental Group, we can eliminate bed bugs using a variety of treatments. With our NYC bed bug control technicians on the scene, bed bugs don’t stand a chance. Give us a call and we’ll make things right.

Rat Academy Teaches NYC Residents How to Keep Rats Away

Army of Rats
Keep Those Rats Away

In an effort to help residents combat rats in their neighborhood, specially designed rodent-resistant garbage cans are being given out free of charge. This is just one way to stay one step ahead of the whiskered rodents that enjoy rampaging through your yard looking for food.

Rats are opportunists and they are always on the search for food, water and shelter. They’re also carriers of disease which is a major reason for not wanting them in or near your home.

NYC rat control is on the rise but there are steps you can take to make your property less appealing to rats.

Don’t make it easy for rats to access food. Place refuse in rat-resistant containers with secure lids.

  • If you don’t have enough garbage cans, contact the city and ask for more. Under no circumstances do you want garbage spilling from containers. That is a big attraction for rats.
  • Remove hiding places in your yard such as stacked tree limbs, tall shrubs, and overgrown weeds. Also remove any clutter from your property to eliminate breeding and nesting places.
  • Inspect your property to search for any cracks, crevices, or holes where rats can enter your home. When found, fill and seal entryways.

Don’t let rats run you ragged. Give us a call at Stern Environmental Group and we’ll set up a schedule for one of our NYC rat control specialists to inspect your home.

NYC Continues Working to Sterilize Breeding Rats

NYC Rats
NYC Rats

NYC rat control is a top priority and there’s a new sheriff in town ready to help lessen the population through birth control. A study of rat behavior in New York subways was designed to provide information on what types of food rats are most attracted to.

The plan of action is set out bait boxes with a tidbit comprised of a cheesy wax texture. The bait provides a tasty treat as well as moisture. Rats do not always have access to liquid and the bait addresses this issue along with a flavorful nugget.

The cheese nugget contains VCD (4-vinylcyolohexene) an industrial chemical that takes approximately 15 minutes to go into action once ingested. The chemical was developed by Arizona based SenesTech developers of ContraPest.

The goal is to sterilize female rats to significantly reduce the rat population but not completely eliminate. The remaining rats would work as gatekeepers to prevent an infiltration and infestation by other rats from other areas laying claim to current territories.

VCD poses no harmful effects on humans nor is it harmful if exposed to the environment. The city hopes to decrease the rat population by as much as 75 percent. Testing has already taken place in Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Indonesia and Laos.

Our NYC rat control specialists at Stern Environmental Group can handle rodents rampaging around your property. Just give us a call and we’ll schedule an inspection.