Rats – Carriers of 1.6 Bacterial Agents and 3.1 Viruses

Rat Facts
Rat Facts

New York City residents have a long history of sharing their streets with rats. As the rat population increases, so, too, do the opportunities for humans to cross paths with the known disease carriers.

Rampant rats not only infect humans and pets through bites, their blood, feces and urine also pose health problems that include both bacterial agents as well as many viruses. In a report by mBio, it was found that two of the most common viruses in NYC are salmonella and bartonella. E. coli took the top honors as the pathogen that affects rats the most.

Another health issue created by rats is hepatitis C. The study showed pathogens associated with the disease were common among the rats in the study.

For your part, look for evidence of rats and inspect your business for any entry points and plug them up. If you have pets nearby, don’t allow food to be left out as an easy resource for rats.

When rats infest an area, NYC rat control professionals are your best form of attack. Not only do they have the necessary knowledge, they also have the experience, skills, and equipment, and treatments to free your business of the unwelcome guests.

Do yourself a favor and eliminate the stress of worrying about rats in your property. Call us at Stern Environmental Group schedule an appointment for one of our NYC rat control specialists to inspect your business.