Upper West Side Luxury Hotel Bed Bugs Caught on Video

Don't Bring Home These Unwanted Guests
Bed Bugs Can Be Anywhere

You just never know what may be lurking in the folds of your mattress when staying at a luxury hotel. In the case of a California couple, it was an infestation of bed bugs. The couple posted a video of bit pictures on YouTube getting thousands of views.

In case you’ve ever wondered where bed bugs set up housekeeping, the answer is anywhere there’s a warm, dry, cozy and secure location near an easily available food source.

When you think about, that’s a lot of territory. Bed bugs are known travelers that are adept at hitchhiking on various transportation opportunities such as backpacks, clothing, used furniture, buses, airplanes, trains and taxis. They like mattresses, curtains, drawers, stored boxes, and cracks and crevices for settling down while waiting to dine.

Bed bugs are bloodsuckers and humans definitely please their palate regardless of whether you’re staying in a hostel in Brazil or a 5-star hotel in New York City.

The bugs infest many areas including schools, churches, motels, hospitals, restaurants or any building where hiding places are available. Seat cushions are a favorite spot right there on the top of the list with mattresses.

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